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Strategy-Research.Com is a website on strategic management research, maintained and administered by T. Diana L. v. A. de Macedo-Soares. Diana is Professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro /Business Administration Department (PUC-Rio/IAG), and author/co-author of more than 130 publications in this field.

The website provides information and readings related to Diana`s research on the management of business and corporate strategies, strategic alliances and networks. It also includes topics such as continued quality improvement and performance assessment and measurement. The main focus is on research that can make a direct contribution to more effective corporate strategy decision-making and implementation. To contact Diana, please send an email to: tdiana.vanaduardmacedosoares@gmail.com

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T. Diana L. v. A. de MACEDO-SOARES T. Diana L. v. A. de MACEDO-SOARES is a Full Professor of Strategic Management at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro/Business School and Department of Business Administration (PUC-Rio/IAG) and Coordinator of Administration and Economy fields at FAPERJ (Research Funding Foundation for the State of Rio de Janeiro. She is also a senior researcher (Productivity - PQ, 1 B) of CNPq (Brazilian National Research Council) (see her CV in http://lattes.cnpq.br/5194857133589062).


Between 1997 and 2003 she was a representative of the Center of Social Sciences (CCS) on the University Council and Research Manager of the Business School. Currently, she is one of PUC-Rio`s representatives at GEQUAL-RJ (Executive Quality Group of Rio de Janeiro). She is also Chairman of the Board of Logical Systems Group.

Before embarking on an academic career, she worked in two multinationals - in Paris, France, and in one consulting firm in Canada. In the eighties she was professor at the Helsinki School of Economics, and has done consulting and auditing work for large firms in Canada, Finland and Brazil. In 1994, she was an examiner for the Brazilian National Quality Award Foundation.

Diana`s main fields of interest are: business and corporate strategy management, continued performance improvement strategies such as total quality, strategic alliances and networks, as well as related subjects such as performance measurement and assessment. The main focus is on leading organizations, mainly private sector enterprises, but her work has also included some state-owned entities. The principal concern has been with firms/institutions that have had to change their managerial paradigm and adopt new, more customer and stakeholder-oriented, strategies. Thus, strategic change management has been a central theme of most of her work. In the last twenty years, she has been involved in research, consulting and teaching MBA and doctoral students in all of these fields. Currently, in the scope of the PUC-Rio/IAG undergraduate and graduate programs, she teaches courses and directs theses/dissertations on the following topics: Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management in the context of Increasing Change and Management of Strategic Change, in addition to Research Methodologies.

Diana has over 160 publications to her credit, including articles in international journals (U.S., U.K. Brazil), papers in Congress Proceedings, and chapters of books. In 1997 she was awarded the "Citation of Excellence" by Anbar Electronic Intelligence, U.K. for her article, "Key Quality Management Practices of Leading Firms in Brazil", in The TQM Magazine, Vol. 8 no. 4. She also got the "Best Paper Award" at international conferences GBATA 2007 and GBATA 2009 and had her paper indicated for Best Paper Award at the 2013 Strategic Management Society Conference in the field of Strategy Practice.  

She is the author of the following books: i) "Práticas Gerenciais de Qualidade das Empresas Líderes no Brasil" - Quality Management Practices of Leading Firms in Brazil, Qualitymark, (1996), ii) "Avaliando o Desempenho da Universidade" - Evaluating University Performance, PUC-RJ/Loyola, 2004 (in co-authorship with Adriane Cavalieiri and Michel Thiollent), iii) "Três Estratégias para Turbinar a Inteligência Organizacional"- Three Strategies for Enhancing Organizational Intelligence, FGV, 2004 (in co-authorship with Luiz-Evanio Couto). She is also the organizer of the book "Gestão em Negócios - Um Enfoque Global" - Business Management - A Global perspective, COPPEAD-UFRJ/IAG-PUC-RJ Partnership, Mauad, 2004.

Diana is a senior member of the American Society for Quality. She is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the Strategic Management Society (U.S.) and the Strategic Planning Society (U.K.). She has received several recognitions and awards for her work, amongst which the "Prêmio Sexagésimo Aniversário da PUC-Rio" (2001) for her outstanding performance as professor and researcher. She figures in the Hall of Fame for Outstanding Achievements - Strategic Management, of the ABI, U.S.A. 1999, and as Outstanding Speaker, IBC, Cambridge, U.K. 2000.

Diana holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) with the highest distinction from the University of Montreal, Canada (1981). In 2000 she did a Strategy & General Management Course for university professors at Harvard Business School. Daughter of a Dutch diplomat, she speaks five languages and has lived in eight countries in the world. She adopted Brazil as her main residence and was naturalized Brazilian. 

In January 2005 Diana was appointed Honorary Consul General of Finland in the State of Rio de Janeiro and since 2010 also in the Sate of Espirito Santo. 

To contact Diana, please send an email to: tdiana.vanaduardmacedosoares@gmail.com


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